Church of Ireland.
Diocese of Clogher.
Parishes of Trory and Killadeas

St. Michaels Parish Church, Trory.  


Both Churches are found along the north shore of Lough Erne in County Fermanagh alongside the Enniskillen - Kesh Road (designated the B82). Trory is close to Enniskillen and located beside St. Angelo airport which is now a civil airport but was built during World War 2 as a support airfield for the anti-submarine campaign in the North Atlantic. This was conducted by flying boats operating from Lough Erne and by long range land based aircraft operating from the airfield. The view from the Church door is quite stunning.

The Priory Church, Killadeas.


At almost the mid point in the journey from Enniskillen - Kesh lies the hamlet of Killadeas. The Priory is in the middle of the hamlet on the left had side if travelling toward Kesh. It is quite close to the Manor House Hotel and is a very traditional looking parish church set in beautiful surroundings. The grounds contain more than one historic stone marker and these come from the time of Celtic church founded by Culdees monks.

Mission statement:

To continue the revelation of the Kingdom of God to those who call these parishes home. All the while building a community in the image of those which assisted the saints in proclaiming the Gospel in the early church. That we may have a voice which proclaims our duty to God and our neighbour according to Christ's command and the Holy Spirits inspiration.

To worship God with good fellowship and decent order according to the accustomed pattern of our church. 

To nurture fellowship and family and to serve and to care for all of God's world.